They come for the gold, They come for it all
Dir.: Pablo D'Alo Abba & Cristián Harbaruk

Documentary Film - 35mm - 81'

Estrenada en IDFA (Amsterdam). Seleccionada por 51 festivales alrededor del mundo, y en 9 de ellos recibió los siguientes premios: MEJOR DOCUMENTAL Ourense Indepentent Film Festival (Galicia, España); MEJOR DOCUMENTAL Latinoamericano Film Festival Trieste (Trieste, Italia); MEJOR PELICULA Finca Film Festivales (Argentina 2010); MEJOR PELICULA Festival Internacional de Cine y Medio Ambiente Ciudad de Zaragoza-ECOZINE (España); MEJOR PELICULA Festival de Cine Rió Negro Proyecta (Argentina 2010); MEJOR PELICULA CRiterio Ambiental Film Festival (Costa Rica 2010); MEJOR PELICULA Ekotop Film Festival (Republica de Eslovaquia 2010); MEJOR PELICULA Y MEJOR GUION Festival Internacional De Cine Gualeguaychú (Argentina 2010). Sinopsis: In Esquel, Argentinean Patagonia, a Canadian company was granted with the rights to extract gold and silver from a mine located 7 km. away from the city, using huge amounts of water and cyanide. With a 50% of the population living below the limits of poverty, the mining enterprise arises as the great solution for such dearth. 'They come for the gold, they come for it all' sheds light on the deep confrontation among the own residents of Esquel, who struggled between supporting the mining project or not. It's an epic story, where a little town beat huge economical and political powers.